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Continuing with “The spirit of Entrepreneurship”- the hallmark of the Company Standard Steel Fabrication Co LLC has grown from a basic Fabricate unit to a multifaceted enterprise with in-house capability right up to the manufacture of quality made-ups. The Company is today by the blessing of LORD, a corporate entity considered management and profitability.

It is our conviction that every successful organization is dependent on the commitment, dedication, and team spirit of its employees and Standard Steel Fabrication Co LLC is no exception. Our people are all imbued with this spirit, a fact manifested in our rapid growth.

Standard Steel Fabrication Co LLC will settle for nothing less than a full commitment to safety from every Standard Steel Co LLC employee. This commitment must guide our daily activities in management, research, manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution. The demand of these activities must never overshadow safety.

We expect all Standard Steel Fabrication Co LLC employees to keep in mind at all times highest level of safety awareness, actively promote ideas and take action that will ensure continuous improvement of our safety efforts. These guidelines are of course not the final word, but merely risk advising guidelines and the essence of these policies and procedures is the time tested maxim “SAFETY FIRST”.

We expect every employee of the company particularly line management /supervisors to study these guidelines carefully. We believe awareness of these health’s and safety guidelines will help Standard Steel Fabrication Co LLC employees to meet their regulatory obligations. With concerted effort and teamwork, we should be able to implement company’s Health and safety policies successfully.

Natesan Ravichandar
General Manager

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